Manual Ai miei non piaci molto, lo sai (I coralli) (Italian Edition)

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Una taverna con pergolato. Lampi, tuoni, uragano. Una vela! Un vessillo! Uno squillo! Ha tuonato il cannon. Entrano dal fondo molte donne del popolo. ALL All is smoke! All is fire! The dense and dreadful fog bursts into flame, and then subsides in greater gloom. Convulsed the cosmos, glacial surges the spectre-like north-wind, and titanic trumpet-calls sound fanfares in the sky!

V.I.P Very Important Products: I miei rossetti corallo preferiti!

Save the treasure and the standard of the Venetian enterprise! Thou, who guidest stars and fortunes, Thou, who rulest earth and sky, grant that in a tranquil ocean may the trusty anchor lie. O help! All hands to the ropes! Pull on the oars! To shore! To the landing!

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Othello enters, ascending the steps from theshore to the ramparts followed by a number of soldiers and sailors. Dio, sorriso della duna! Tu, che reggi gli astri e il Fato! Tu, che imperi al mondo e al ciel! Mani alle funi! Forza ai remi!

Alla riva! Otello entra, salendo la scala dalla spiaggia sullo spaldo con seguito di marinai e soldati. The Muslim pride is buried in the deep. After our arms the storm has conquered it. Othello enters the castle followed by Cassio, Montano and the soldiers. Dispersed, destroyed, engulfed they plummetted into the raging deep! Their requiem shall be the sharp scourge of the spray, the swirl of the whirlwind, the scend of the sea.

Dispersed, destroyed, etc.

Distant thunder. The storm is passing away. IAGO Only an idiot drowns himself for love of a woman. While the ship is being unloaded and weapons and baggage are being carried from her into the castle, some citizens emerge from behind the fortress carrying branches to make a bonfire which, by the light of torches held by the soldiers, they construct to one side of the ramparts. The crowd gathers around, excited and curious. Otello entra nella rocca, seguito da Cassio, Montano e soldati.

Good Roderigo, your friend sincere I have professed myself, and I could never do more for you than in your present need. If the frail vow of a woman be not too hard a knot for my wits and all the tribe of hell to untie, I promise that the woman shall be yours. Listen, though I make show of loving him, I hate the Moor. Cassio enters and joins a group of soldiers. Here comes one reason for my hatred, look. Puffs of smoke begin to rise from the wood with increasing density.

But just as sure as you are Roderigo, so sure it is, that if I were the Moor I should not want an Iago about me. If you heed my counsel Still talking, Iago leads Roderigo further away.

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Flames begin to leap up from the fire, and the Cypriots gather round it, singing. Meanwhile, the tavern servants decorate the pergola with lanterns. Soldiers gather round the tables, drinking and talking. The jovial flame by its glow compels night to depart.


It leaps and sparkles, crackles and flares, bright radiance invading the heart! Drawn by the firelight, shadowy faces flit in ever-mutating rings, now like maidens singing sweetly, now like moths with flamy wings. Palm and sycamore burn together, the bride sings with her own true love, a Desdemona bella, che nel segreto dei tuoi sogni adori, presto in uggia verranno i foschi baci di quel selvaggio dalle gonfie labbra.

Mentre cantano, i tavernieri illuminano a festa il pergolato.

Guizza, sfavilla, crepita, avvampa, fulgido incendio che invade il cor! Arde la palma col sicomoro rip. The fire of rejoicing flames but a moment! Glowing, fading, throbbing, wavering, the last flicker leaps and expires. Fire of rejoicing, etc. The fire dies down gradually: the storm has ceased completely. Iago, Roderigo, Cassio and a group of soldiers are gathered around a table on which wine has been placed. IAGO But look! All Cyprus has gone mad today! To the marriage of Othello and Desdemona!

Fuoco di gioia rapido brilla!

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Fuoco di gioia, rip. Fuoco di gioia, ecc. JAGO Roderigo, beviam! JAGO Guarda! Make him drink. Iago fills three glasses: one for himself, one for Roderigo, one for Cassio. The servants circulate among the guests with jugs of wine; the crowd draws closer and looks on with curiosity. Drink deep, gulp it down before song and glass both disappear! Fallo ber. I tavernieri circolano colle anfore; la folla gli si avvicina e guarda curiosamente. Trinca, tracanna prima che svampino canto e bicchier!

IAGO to everyone Who has ever succumbed to the Bacchic ode strange and fantastic, come, drink with me, drink with me, drink, drink, etc.