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I realized it was also my calling to receive these revelations, which are called dictations. Mark passed on in and I have continued his work through The Summit Lighthouse, the spiritual organization he founded. Between us, we have taken thousands of dictations, which are the source of the angel quotations and many of the prayers in this book. During years of communing with the angels, I have developed a personal relationship with them. They are always near—they whisper words of warning, guidance and encouragement. And my angel secretaries even help me to organize my days.

In the following pages you will learn how you can develop your own relationship with the angels or expand the contact that you already have with them. The angels want to be a part of your life. They are ready to help you solve problems, big and small, and bring you closer to your Higher Self—your real, or spiritual, self.

Just follow the steps outlined here and the angels will take charge. How do you create an opening in your life for the angels? Receive a ten-step plan for deeper contact with the angels.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet was a pioneer of modern spirituality and an internationally renowned speaker and author. Her books are published in more than 30 languages, and millions of copies have been sold online and in bookstores worldwide.

Saint Germain

Throughout her lifetime, Mrs. Prophet walked the path of spiritual adeptship, advancing through the universal initiations common to mystics of both East and West. She taught about this path and described her own experiences for the benefit of all who desire to make spiritual progress. Prophet has left an extensive library of spiritual teachings from the ascended masters and a thriving, worldwide community of people who study and practice these teachings.

And they came! Access your free lessons now. My Relationship with Angels. Introducing the 10 Archangel Lessons Who are the Archangels and why do they answer our prayers? See why contact with the angels is a key to the spiritual path. Access the Archangel Lessons Just enter your name and email address to access your free lessons and start to connect with the archangels.

About Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Lesson 1 Introducing the Archangels and Angels into your Life Who are the Archangels and why do they answer our prayers?

They serve, support and minister to us. You will learn that you have a hidden portion of God, a divine spark, within you that allows you to ask the angels for help and to expect results! Learn how you are born to contact the angels and fulfill your divine plan.

The Ascension is believed to be the returning to complete "Oneness with God" - "raising the outer atomic structure of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies into the Electronic Structure of the I AM Consciousness", becoming an Ascended Master, eventually a Cosmic Being, and beyond. It is believed that the "Individualized Flames of Perfection", emanating as lifestreams taking physical embodiment, can develop further attributes that express a unique Identity, and attain the fullness of the use of Light.

Ascension Teachings with Archangel Jophiel ~ Ascension Through your Divine Beauty

This is done by mastery over matter planes that have a slower vibratory action, thus requiring more energy and concentration to externalize form. This allows for the development of greater skills of creation and "Causal Body Momentums" of various "Divine Qualities".

Archangel Michael’s 2016 Messages

Physical embodiment gives each individual the opportunity to expand these attributes and faculties through matter substance, and to become a "master of energy" through thought and feeling. This allows for accomplishments and added power which one who does not ever embody on a planet does not possess. Thus an individual may expand the "Flame in the Heart", and expand the "Perfection of the Allness of God's Love" in the created universe, eventually becoming an Ascended Master and later a Cosmic Being.

The emotional and mental octaves are also made up of electrons and atoms of feeling and thought substance and differentiated into levels of density and vibratory rate. When man will make the effort to prove this to himself or within his own atomic flesh body, he will then proceed to Master Himself.

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When he has done that, all else in the Universe is his willing co-worker to accomplish whatsoever he wills through Love. All Life contains Will but only Self-Conscious Life is free to determine upon its own course of expression.

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Hence, the individual has free choice to express either in the human, limited body or the Super-Human, Divine Body. He is the chooser of his own field of expression.

Spiritual Teachings from the Ascended Masters and Archangel Michael

He is the Self-determining Creator. He has willed and chosen to live as Self-Conscious Life. When one individualizes within the Absolute, All-Pervading Life he chooses of his own free will to become an intensified individual focus of Self-Conscious Intelligence. Thus, having once made his choice, he is the only one who can fulfill that Destiny - which is not inflexible circumstance but a definitely designed Plan of Perfection.

It is believed that since the "fall of man" during the time of the incarnation of the Fourth Root Race , imperfection, limitations and discord increasingly entered into our world. The memory body is considered to have become known as a "soul", and this temporary personality has taken on the sense of a self that is separated and not connected to God. It is believed that a "Dictation" from Maitreya further clarified this matter through the "Messenger", Geraldine Innocente , on September 27, when what occurred during the time of the "Fourth Root Race" was described:.

It is a consciousness apart from the full Purity of God. The first thought a man had that was imperfect and impure, energized by a secret feeling, was a cause and that, sent out into the atmosphere, created an effect. Like a boomerang, the effect came back into the consciousness and made a record. That record was the beginning of an impression. Energy sent out in a certain manner returned to affect the lifestream who had sent it forth and there began to be created a shadow between the I AM Presence and the human consciousness.

Endeavoring to contact the Presence, the individual would find these 'tramp' thoughts and feelings flowing through that line of contact until more and more imperfect was the conscious use of them. Finally, those centers got completely away from the control of the ego and acted independently. Other "Ascended Master Activities" believed that the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Elohim, and Archangels continued to present a program for both individual development and spiritual transformation in the world. Students of the Ascended Master Teachings believe that this world is destined to again have a Golden Age , a "Heaven on Earth", that will be permanent, unlike previous Golden Ages millions of years ago.

She is a Land of Light, and Her Light shall blaze forth, brilliant as the sun at noonday, among the nations of the Earth.

Ascended Masters

She was a Land of Great Light, ages ago, and will again come into her spiritual heritage, for nothing can prevent it. She is to carry the Christ Light and be the Guide for the rest of the Earth, because America is to be the Heart Center of the 'Golden Age' that is now dimly touching our horizon. The greater portion of the land of North America will stand for a very long time.

Jacob L. Watson, expounds on the church's teachings which draw heavily from the writings of A. Paul Johnson suggests in his book The Masters Revealed: Madam Blavatsky and Myth of the Great White Brotherhood that the Masters that Madam Blavatsky claimed she had personally met are idealizations of certain people she had met during her lifetime.

Guide Ascension Teachings with Archangel Michael

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