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This nonfiction technique is exported to fiction, too, often with fascinating results. The intertextual approach works for more contemporary texts, too: in the book Hamilton: The Revolution , musical-theater powerhouse Lin-Manuel Miranda annotates his own libretto with historical context, backstage anecdotes, and a deep dive into his hip-hop and theater influences. Notably, the Hamilton book sets its footnotes not at the foot of the page but in the side margins. Another important function of the footnote is its place in translated texts. An additional set of notes provided by the publisher resides in the back of the book, keyed to pages but without note numbers.

These further explain and contextualize terms shakti , Swadeshi and literary references to the French writer Amiel, the Sanskrit poet Jayadeva, and others, as well as Hindu mythology. As an editor , my job is to help authors get their messages across and keep their readers engaged with the text. Since the nature of notes is to interrupt the reading experience, [10] I generally advise authors to use them judiciously. Their response is often to move the offending bit of writing into a footnote. This can work, particularly with especially colorful or interesting anecdotes, but more than a few of these and the text will be just as cluttered as it was before.

The key question here is: is this quote crucial?

Notes and Bibliography: Sample Citations

Another common error is over-citation, especially by students and younger scholars eager to prove that absolutely everything in their work is properly sourced. Drawing the reader away from a sentence, especially repeatedly, makes it difficult to take in what that sentence actually says. In , the cultural historian Jacques Barzun reviewed H.

This is, perhaps, the ultimate footnote compliment. The ideal set of footnotes, whatever its purpose, forms a sort of superstructure to the text—a scaffolding on which the author sits peering into the windows, entertaining and informing in ways that enrich and deepen the reading experience.

She said yes.

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Legal authors using Bluebook style, however, continue to confound casual readers with op. Learn how public scholars, academics, artists, activists, and cultural producers can use podcasting for public intellectualism. Learn how to map out a happy and productive semester by taking a holistic look at your personal and professional projects with our road map tool. There are instructional webinars, Fold A down-on-his-luck private detective, Bernie, and his faithful dog, Chet, solve crimes together—and the dog Favorite stories from the podcast Lore are now available in book format.

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The World of Lore: Dreadful Places I love listening to audiobooks, so I am very thankful we have access to such wide selection of audiobooks with our library cards. You can also borrow audiobooks online The weather has finally cooled down, and that has Shanel thinking about all things spooky! Some of her favorite books include tales about witches. Take a look! Eleanor is a creature of habit.

Her rigidly scheduled life, however, Four students are falsely placed in detention. Within minutes, the school gossip is poisoned and dies in front of them. Are you looking for something really different? Are you in a reading rut? Here are a few books that are very different from anything else I have read or heard about, but they are still quite good. These books stayed with me long after I finished reading them. I am a big fan of historical fiction, and recently I have discovered a new author who has a unique hook for her novels: she writes fiction that focuses on New York City landmarks.

Part of the fun for the staff at the Marion Public Library was to have our own summer reading list. All I can say is Wow!

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There will be a display for the next two weeks featuring romance reads that range from sweet to steamy. A prompt of our staff summer reading program was to read a paperback romance. I picked up Romancing the You may be familiar with Suzanne Collins because of her success with The Hunger Games , but I discovered what a great writer she is way before she published The Hunger Game s.

Suzanne Collins wrote a fantastic five-book series called I triple checked my packing list, my doors, my windows, my Are you a fan of the Netflix show Orange is the New Black? Cooking is one of my favorite ways to relax after a long day. However, I hate doing dishes and am prone to bouts of hangriness, so winning recipes must be delicious, fast, and with minimal cleanup. Enter my new favorite cookbook He eagerly accepts the chance to embark on a mission to the mysterious purple cloud of space dust named Chopra in an effort to atone for his father.

White Houses is a fiction book based on the love life of Eleanor Roosevelt. This book will make you question a few things we have all learned in history. Have you heard the rumor There are several I've known for awhile that smart women read and write romance--maybe I'm a bit biased since I'm a romance reader!

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One of the best romances I've ever read is Fantasy is my genre of choice, and I am always looking out for rich, diverse books to read and recommend. Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comics.

Food and family provide most of the fodder for his humor. Gaffigan consistently makes me laugh and his humor can be enjoyed by the entire family The Wicked Deep , by Shea Ernshaw. A year old curse haunts the small town of Sparrow, Oregon. Each June, the ghosts Our family loves listening to Encyclopedia Brown audiobooks on car trips. The Rules of Magic , by Alice Hoffman.

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Then I have an enjoyable book series suggestion for you! My tween stumbled I enjoy historical fiction and mysteries. It seems most of the historical fiction I read takes place in Britain. When I saw Markus Zusak recently announced the publication of his newest book, Bridge of Clay --scheduled to come out in early October.

Zusak is probably best known for his amazing novel The Marion Public Library has each of these Pulitzer prize winning gems available for checkout:.

Footnotes - Turabian Style 8th Edition: Writing Guide - Research Guides at Liberty University

Now that Victoria Speedwell's aunt I am a new staff member in a new position at the Marion Public Library. Having a sibling with special needs can be difficult, but it can be an adventure, too. Here are two excellent chapter books about siblings who have autism. Introducing your young children to science may seem intimidating, but the library can help. Your children can learn about science without even I never used to think I wasn't a big fan of musicals.

A long book takes me a very long time to read. Temple Grandin may be the most famous person diagnosed with autism. Grandin has written many books about her experiences and offers reliable advice for others. You can If not for our Customer Experience librarian Sue Gerth, I would have missed out on this treasure of a book.

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I was able to read one of the most talked about YA books of last month! Our library has book series that will make you both happy. If you're itching to get out in your yard this spring after a long cold winter, here's the best place to start! Linn County Master Gardeners have one more program left in their spring series, and we have a couple of related options. All programs are free and open to the public. I enjoy the steampunk genre. I was excited to find a book that would introduce this genre to my child. Homeschooled Imogene has the coolest life: her parents work at the Renaissance Faire, so in addition to her Me too!

There are currently 71 holds on the six print I lead a very busy life so, as much as I love books, I very rarely have time to sit down and actually read them.