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  1. Building a Framework for an efficient IT Governance
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Sustainable Development 25 2 : Sustainable management at Indian Railways: how a self-evaluation tool for barrier analysis facilitates green procurement. Advancing a sustainable sharing economy with interdisciplinary research. Material flow cost accounting in the light of the traditional cost accounting.

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The benefits of doing good: a meta-analysis of corporate philanthropy business outcomes and its implications for management control. Journal of Management Control, 28 3 : — Local environmental impact assessment as decision support for the introduction of electromobility in urban public transport systems. Sustainability, 9, doi: Journal of Business Research. Green Hospital: eine Aufgabe des Managements?

Building a Framework for an efficient IT Governance

Das Krankenhaus , 6, Glienke, N. Corporate climate change mitigation: a systematic review of the existing empirical evidence. Management Research Review, 39 1 : DOI: dx.

Um was geht es bei Corporate Governance?

Sharing Economy und Nachhaltigkeit. Das resiliente Unternehmen. Energy Policy, Business and Society, 55 3 : Sustainability, 8 12 : Environmental management control systems: a conceptualization and a review of the empirical evidence. Journal of Cleaner Production, A : — DOI: Part II: guidance and sustainability of applied methods to address uncertainty, International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 21 8 : The economics of mitigating climate change: What can we know? Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Journal of Business Ethics, 2 — What hampers innovation? External stakeholders, the organization, groups and individuals: A systematic review of empirical innovation barrier research.

Management Review Quarterly, 65 2 : External environment, the innovating organization, and its individuals: A multilevel model for identifying innovation barriers accounting for social uncertainties. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Foods, 4 4 : DOI: doi Interrelating material flow cost accounting with management control systems to introduce resource efficiency into strategy.

Journal of Cleaner Production, B : — Corporate environmental performance: The need for application of multiple perspectives and theories to assess strategic and operational CEP. Annals in Social Responsibility, 1 1 : How stakeholder shape innovation in controversial industries: the biotechnology industry in Germany. Material Flow Cost Accounting — looking back and ahead.

High-performance materials in infrastructure: A review of applied life cycle costing and its drivers — the case of fiber-reinforced composites. Journal of Cleaner Production, , Part 1: Im OP, 3.

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Endrikat, J. Making sense of conflicting empirical findings: A meta-analytic review of the relationship between corporate environmental and financial performance. European Management Journal, 32 5 : Rechnet sich Umweltwirtschaft? Biotechnological hydrogen production by photosynthesis.

Impressum / Datenschutz SCISYS DE

Engineering in Life Sciences. Impact Factor: 1,89 Muench, S. What hampers energy system transformations? The case of smart grids, Energy Policy, The Economics of Mitigating Climate Change? What Can We Know? Guenther, E. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 18 5 : Nur wenn Nachhaltigkeit gemessen wird, wird sie gesteuert.

Guenther, Edeltraud

Die Bewertung externer Effekte. Muench, S. A systematic review of bioenergy life cycle assessments. Applied Energy, Impact Factor: 4. Sustainable management at a public transport provider — from large-scale scenarios to small-scale decisions. Erfolg durch verantwortungsvolles Management.

Klimawandel und Wirtschaft Guenther, E. Journal of Change Management, 13 4 : ZCG, 6: Die Unternehmung, 67 2 : CSR—Innovationen im Rechnungswesen. Push oder Pull in der Klimaberichterstattung. Klimawandel-Bericht , S. Stechemesser, K.

Carbon accounting: a systematic literature review. Neue Handlungslogiken. Shades of green: using computer-aided qualitative data analysis to explore different aspects of corporate environmental performance. Journal of Management Control, 22 4 : Review and downscaling of life cycle decision support tools for the procurement of low-value products. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 17 6 : Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien in Deutschland.

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  8. ISO — die Norm zur Materialflusskostenrechnung. Carbon Accounting. Handlungsleitfaden Nachwachsende Rohstoffe in Kommunen, 1: Die Delphi-Methode.

    Nachhaltigkeit im Management. Signium International — Global Management, 2: Nowack, M. Review of Delphi-based scenario studies: Quality and design considerations. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 78 9 : Zu den Auswirkungen des Klimawandels im Verarbeitenden Gewerbe.

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    Ergebnisse einer Befragung unter Unternehmen des Verarbeitenden Gewerbes. Mediterranes online-Version , 3 3. Corporate financial performance and corporate environmental performance. A perfect match? Carbon Disclosure Project. Organisationales Lernen und Stakeholder-Management. Management Research Review, 33 4 : Klimarisikomanagement mit dem CO2-Navigator. HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, Carbon Controlling. Clean Development Mechanism. Green Marketing. Betriebliche Umweltinformationssysteme. Entschleunigung — eine Gegenbewegung.

    CCaSS News, Conventional Life Cycle Costing.