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The average family generally consists of parents and one or two children. There is also an increasing number of one-parent families. Italian family still remains one of the cornerstones of the society. Family members tend to depend on one another quite a bit for both material and moral support in everyday life. Even after marriage, the ties between children and parents and other relatives generally remain close. On the weekends, at Christmas and Easter, families often get together with their relatives.

Nowadays, it is very common that both parents have jobs outside the home, and in this case the domestic chores are divided among the members of the family. However there are still many Italian housewives who spend most of their time at home.

Being a new member of the family, you, too, will be asked to take part in some domestic choirs! Houses in Italy vary quite a bit. Generally there are three types: apartment or condominium, a big country house surrounded by land, or a townhouse with a small garden yard. Many Italian families, especially in the cities, live in apartments. Once you become a regular student, just like your Italian schoolmates, you have the same rights and the same responsibilities. Since school occupies such a large amount of time, it is important for you to consider it not only as a place to study, but also as a meeting place to make friends.

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The translation is provided with transcription. Gulabite nad kolku voda da preletaat, za da gi svijat kriljata od umor? Odgovorot so vetrot se nosi, so vetrot, prijatele, leta. Odgovorot so vetrot se nosi, so vetrot, prijatelet, leta. Lingua: Maltese. I was sent this translation into the Maltese language by Joseph Cannizzaro of La Valletta on request by the intermediary of an acquaintance. Lingua: Napoletano. The translators are Salvatore Esposito and Michela Cobino. E quanta recchie 'n ommo add' ave' primma ca sent' 'a ggente chiagnere? Lingua: Neerlandese.

Word-for-word translation by Karin Manders for the website nedtlyrics. Ja, en hoe vaak een duif moet zweven over zee voor zij slaapt in het zand? Ja, en hoe vaak de bom over slagvelden suist voor men die voor eeuwig bant? Het antwoord, mijn vriend, waait vluchtig in de wind Het antwoord waait vluchtig in de wind. Ja, en hoe lang een berg op de aarde kan bestaan voor hij verdwijnt in het niets? Ja, en hoe lang een volk op de wereld kan bestaan voordat het zijn vrijheid geniet?

Ja, en hoe vaak een man er de ogen voor sluit en kan doen alsof hij het niet ziet? Ja, en hoe vaak een mens omhoog kijken moet voor hij ziet dat het gloort? Ja, en hoe vaak een mens zijn oren spitsen moet voor hij iemand huilen hoort? Ja, en hoe vaak de dood mensen grijpt voor je weet dat er veel te veel zijn vermoord? Lingua: Norvegese. Lingua: Persiano. The translation is fully rhythmic and singable. The same page also includes a word-for-word translation we don't reproduce here. Lingua: Polacco. Janusz Bibik, ur. E' autore di numerosi testi di canzoni e traduzioni.

He's also written and translated a number of songs. Lingua: Portoghese. Escute o que diz, o vento "my friend" O vento vai responder. Sim, e quantos mares deve uma pomba branca singrar Antes que ela descanse na areia? Sim, e quantos ouvidos deve um homem ter Antes que ele consiga ouvir as pessoas chorarem?

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Quantos anos consegue uma montanha existir Antes que seja arrastada para o mar? Sim, e quantos anos conseguem algumas pessoas existir Antes que a elas seja permitido serem livres? Un ringraziamento particolare all'amico Tobia che mi ha suggerito l'idea per il ritornello. E quaunts chanuns stuvaron auncha trer, fin cha'ls pudains scumander?

Franz Liszt: Neue Liszt-Ausgabe

Lingue: Rumeno , Inglese. Lingua: Russo.

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  • Provided with transcription. A mp3 recording can be downloaded from both pages. The lyrics are provided here with transcription. Kogda otstanet ot dikix zverej I vykinet svoj pistolet?

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    Lingua: Sardo. E cantos annos at a poder esistere unu monte inantis de che lu mandicare su mare? Lingua: Serbo. La riportiamo qui in quanto assolutamente letterale. Su Lyricstranslate sono presenti altre due traduzioni in serbo.

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    The following Serbian version by "Stefansih1" is reproduced from Lyricstranslate. Lyricstranslate gives it in Latinica , the Serbo-Latin alphabet; here we give in in the Cyrillic script. Lyricstranslate includes other 2 Serbian translations of the song. Lingua: Siciliano. Lingua: Slovacco. Lingua: Sloveno. Lingua: Spagnolo. La versione castigliana di Blowin' in the Wind opera di Daniel Daher , cantautore argentino di Salta nato il 21 giugno La versione spagnola di Julio Canapa.

    The Spanish Castilian version by Julio Canapa. Julio Canapa is an Uruguayan born folksinger and musician living in France since Si tratta naturalmente di una versione letterale. It is of course a word-for-word translation. Sembra riprendere da vicino quella di Daniel Daher. A Spanish translation from this page. It appears very close to Daniel Daher's version. Lingua: Svedese.

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    Tore Lagergren. La versione svedese di Mikael Wiehe , interpretata da Ebba Forsberg.

    La montagna

    Lingua: Tedesco. It did not exactly became a hit and Marlene did not include this one in her stage show. Marlene decise di cantare questa cover in tedesco della canzone di Bob Dylan. Non divenne proprio un hit e Marlene non la incluse nei suoi concerti. Wie viele Meere auf dieser Welt, sind Meere der Traurigkeit? Lingua: Thai. Lingua: Turco.

    Canzoni contro la guerra - Blowin' in the Wind

    Turkish word-for-word translation from the lyrics and translations website Akor Merkezi. Lingua: Ungherese. Lingua: Ucraino. Lingua: Vietnamita. Lingua: Yiddish. Nientepopodimeno che Katle Kanye sul suo blog, poi. Io ho trascritto come sono abituato dall'uso, di volta in volta. Bob Dilen an iberzetsung Vifl shtrazn muz shpatsirn a man eyder er geyt oyf a gang? Ya un vifl yamem muz a veyse toyb flign eyder zi shloft in der zand? Ya, un vifl mol muzn kanon baln flign tsu farbotn oyf an eybiker zman? Di entfer mayn fraynt es blozt zikh in dem vint di entfer es blozt zikh in dem vint.

    Vifl yorn ken a barg ekzistirn far 's shvenkt zikh in yam oysgeshprayt? Ya, un vifl yorn ken a folk ekzistirn far 's erloybt zey tsu vern bafrayt?