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The creature snarled in his ear, then it jerked him up, getting up on the balls of it's feet, knees on either side of his thighs.


Now both paws pulled the boy's ass back, until it's mammoth cock was fully buried, his butt pressed into the furred groin, and it's balls rubbed his. Then it shoved forward, pressing Jack's knees into the ground, putting him in the "doggy" position. It rested a moment enjoying the sensation, then yanked half the length of it's bloodied cock out, and digging both paws cruelly into the boy's chest, claws raking his nipples, it howled, and slammed in to the hilt.

Again, and again, it's hairy hips compressed his rear, a voice full of gravel snarling in his ears, paws roaming across his body.

Adult lgbt fantasy books

Even though this had gone on for only a few minutes, Jack thought he was going to die. The pain was too great But young men are nothing if not pliable, and his body got used to the intruder.

Tendrils of feeling weaved a complicated pattern across his brain. Waves of pain intertwined with pleasure made Jack shake his head. There was a third feeling There, but not-there. Jack wasn't sure who was more surprised by his erection, the man or the wolf. A paw encircled it, moving slowly at first, then faster, masturbating the boy with equal, but opposite oscillations.

A snarl of lust rippled from Jack's lips, and he bowed his back, thrusting back at the animal. The youth didn't believe it! He was actually enjoying this!! It suddenly stopped. The creature grinned at him, then lifted him like a stick-doll. Grabbing one of his legs, the WereWolf spun the young man on it's cock, so they were now face to face. Nor did he notice ten claws digging deeply into his buttocks. The human's entire being consisted of eight inches of purple-red flesh, which was getting licked upon, nibbled at, and vigorously sucked upon.

Jack was sure he was going to be torn in two, and he didn't care. A silent tree fell on him The boy babbled, and dug his fingers in the grass, as the first orgasm of his young life ripped through his neural passages. His cock rippled, then spurted into a cavernous maw that threatened to suck everything down to his shoes into it. He rolled his head, anus squeezing on the hilt of the gigantic dick buried in him, and body contorting, trying simultaneously to pull the animal's groin up to it's tail into his ass, and shove everything between his chest and his knees into it's muzzle.

The huge cock swelled, then bucked, as cum poured into the still moaning teen, which triggered a second wave, which engulfed Jack in warm darkness, even as the creature pressed it's salivating muzzle against his yelping mouth in a lewd kiss He awoke, in his tent.

What a weird dream! As soon as he moved, aching ass-muscles, a ripped shirt, and a taste most indescribable, told the young man otherwise. All that day, he wondered about it.


And couldn't find any answers The moon found him once again sitting on the rock by the lake. This time when he heard the growl, he stood quietly, and waited. The monster appeared in the woods, and moved slowly towards him. Jack broke out in a sweat. Part of him wanted to run away, part of him wanted to run towards the beast.

But, he chewed on his lip, and waited. When it was a few feet in front of him, it stood up.

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The WereWolf was covered with fur that gleamed golden in the moon's light. He barely came up to it's huge chest. It snarled low, then walked forward, and grabbed his shoulder. It growled and lifting his shirt, ran calloused paws across his hairless chest. It went down to it's knees, and Jack dropped the shirt beside him. A wet nose pressed against one nipple, making it hard and the boy squirm. Then a warm tongue slid across it. The other one was being pawed at.

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Then mouth and paw exchanged breasts. Jack moaned, as the tongue lapped it's way downward. The paws rubbed his crotch, then deftly opened the belt, and pants, dropping the cloth to puddle around the teenager's ankles. Now, the furred appendages rubbed his aching erection, and thumbs sliding under the waistband, pushed his underwear downward. The tongue left a sticky trail down the boy's crotch, and teased his testicles. Jack caressed the hairy arms, while paws dug into his butt again. He grunted through clenched teeth. It was all he could do not to beg the monster to move the organ of taste that was flicking with abandon on his flesh, upwards.

The nostrils quivered, as a drop of pre-cum squeezed it's way out of the tortured cock. A paw detached itself from the young man's buttocks, and smeared the sticky fluid across it's thin, rubbery lips. Jack moaned, the tongue both cleaning off the seeping tip, and it's snout. After what seemed like an eternity, the mouth opened, and Jack yelped, as the horny creature pulled his maleness in, suction alone pulling it across the teeth.

The doggish nose pressed into his crotch, drool ran warmly down his balls, while the tongue squashed it's prisoner against the roof of a muscular mouth. Now, both paws ran up his sides, and played with the teenager's chest, while the tongue rolled Jack's organ around like a cigar. This is likely to get a little long! Thank you for patience in advance, I may write words in a day or not write for weeks, oops.

Your simple life is turned upside-down when you accidentally bring a werewolf home from the local animal shelter.

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Harry Potter, son of the couple who killed Voldemort struggles with attraction to his guardian, the man who raised him: Remus Lupin. Remus has cared for him and for his godfather Sirius Black who suffered dreadful injuries that stole his mind and body almost taking his life. In an act of charity Severus Snape his mother's best friend stood up and insisted that Harry be placed according to his godfather's will that had been left in Gringotts'.

It stated that if anything happened to him that Harry Potter be placed in the care of one Remus Lupin, a friend of his parents. Can Harry convince Remus that they're meant to be together? Can Remus seen beneath the boy he raised to the person who loves him despite everything?

Draco Malfoy, heir to one of the richest fortunes in the British Wizarding world does the unexpected; he falls in love with someone not of his circle. Struggling to stay true to himself he tries to forge his own path. Izuku stared up at the two of them, locked together looking for all the world like they were fighting to kill rather than kiss.


Even so far from the full moon, Katsuki's snarls were feral and vicious as he clawed at Shouto's clothes. Shouto's fangs flashed in the light, deadly and sharp as they grazed against Katsuki's neck, his hands fisted in that shock of pale blond hair. And in that moment, Izuku realized these two were the perfect devil. Both of them.

MM Romance - Two dominant males, two worthy adversaries

And they would, without a doubt, be the death of him. Ben, an Alaskan game warden and secret werewolf, tries his best to toe the line between beast and man—but when he meets Rey, that line begins to blur. Oct 16, PM. I removed all the Twilight books. While people ARE entitled to consider the books "gay", they do not have any gay vampires Oct 23, PM. Apr 18, PM. Moderatrix Lori wrote: "I removed all the Twilight books.

They wore glitter and sparkled didn't they LOL! Jun 27, PM. Sep 14, PM.