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The movie started off as a parody, but the distributors wanted it to be a serious horror film and exorcised all of the comedy from the final cut. Head Injury Theater article here. Tromie, the giant, mutant radioactive squirrel from the not-quite-serious Class of Nuke 'Em High series by Troma. The Last Days of Planet Earth a. Prophecies of Nostradamus features a few creatures mutated by radiation in New Guinea.

Carnivorous Trees, poisonous leeches, flesh eating flying foxes big ol' bats , and cancer-ridden human cannibals.

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The film also shows "softbodied humans" severely mutated humans at the very end. The last two depictions got it banned in Japan —where it was made. The Beast of Yucca Flats has a man getting caught inside a nuclear test explosion, becoming the eponymous beast. The original Night of the Living Dead includes a speculative Handwave about radiation from a returning space probe to Venus causing the Zombie Apocalypse. This explanation is discarded in the subsequent Dead films, however.

The frog-people from Hell Comes To Frogtown are likely this, and they likely also have a few more exotic features, given the infamous "Dance of the Three Snakes" scene. Gilbert McKenna is exposed to radiation which causes him to turn into a monster in sunlight. Atomic Shark features a shark mutated by a nuclear submarine wreck , leaving it covered with radiation burns, glowing red , and emitting enough heat to cause things around it to burst into flames. Just to make things stupider, some fish that the shark passed nearby become irradiated also, are caught and served up at a seafood restaurant, and cause both the kitchen and a diner to explode.

While the radiation did give them enhanced strength, speed and immunity to bullets except headshots , it also destroyed their minds, turning them in rage-fueled psychopaths and made them incapable from producing red blood cells which forced them into eating flesh and drinking blood of humans to survive.

Interferon Signaling Is Frequently Downregulated in Melanoma

Most notably, the director says the film is not a zombie movie but an anti-war and anti-nuclear flick. Star Man's Son had mutant creatures in a post-apocalyptic world. No Night Without Stars. Looks like the heavily irradiated, post-nuclear Moscow became a gigantic nest of monsters, mutants and dinosaurs. In David Drake 's short story "Men Like Us" a post-apocalyptic wanderer tells the people of a town that most of the stories about mutants were exaggerated.

Babies with extra limbs or heads existed even before the bombs and even if there are more born now the wasteland has not been kind to them. Sure, there were dog-sized rats but they've mostly been wiped out. Men made immortal by the blasts despite being skeletonized in some cases? Later they attempt to behead him, and his neck knits back together as they're pulling out the axe.

And then his more conspicuous friends show up. More accurately called Tape man Flukes and tapeworms are both flatworms, but flukes do not have scolexes. But "tapeman" isn't nearly as cool sounding as "flukeman". The Daleks in Doctor Who were initially explained in "The Daleks" to be the result of a nuclear bomb detonated by the Thals in the distant past. They had locked themselves in metal travel machines to survive the radiation and over many years mutated into something else although their experiements later reveal them to be a particularly extreme form of Radiation-Immune Mutants - they aren't just unharmed by radiation, they need radiation to survive.

Most of this was ignored in later appearances and they were completely Retconned in "Genesis of the Daleks" in the s.

Original Research ARTICLE

Although given the appearance of the pepper pots, this may simply apply to the Thal mutated Daleks Laths? Ultraseven featured two Monsters of the Week with this theme. When Ultra Garrison tests a planet-destroying nuclear missile called R-1 on the seemingly uninhabited world of Gyeron, they end up with the mutated sole survivor coming to Earth as a giant monster with a Breath Weapon of radioactive dust. An earlier episode had aliens called the Spell or Spehl.

They had been horrifically injured by nuclear holocaust on their home planet, leaving them with a thirst for blood that was the only thing which could ease their radiation burns. However, they got Exiled from Continuity when controversy about them resembling atomic bomb survivors popped up.

Ultraman had an episode where nuclear bombs lost in the Pacific Ocean ends up mutating a Fish Person called Ragon previously seen in Ultra Q into a gigantic and violently insane creature. Worse still, an undetonated nuclear bomb is precariously dangling on Ragon's scales Unibouzu got bit by a radioactive sea urchin in Kaiju Big Battel , which caused him to undergo a metamorphosis into a giant sea urchin. All over the place in Gamma World , though modern versions use Nanomachines and Magical Particle Accelerator as an explanation.

Some of these include giant insects, the many-legged Centisteed , the multi-armed Snake People called the Menarls, the cactus horse, the humanoid metal-to-rubber-making bunny rabbits called Hoops and The Yexil. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Two pivotal characters make their way separately through the aftermath: Asher, a reluctant leader who struggles with risking his own life to help other survivors in need; and Edward Callahan a mysteriously mediocre individual, in possession of vital secrets, who is inserted into the battlefield with an escort of Special Forces soldiers looking for answers.

Kindle Edition , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Radioactive Zombie Apocalypse , please sign up. She was no other patron. The arrival meant she had left her Jackson Avenue apartment between and She was no normal passenger.

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  • The streets would have benefited from her walk. The leaves obscuring the stop lines and crosswalks would have danced in front of her steps rather than gusting into the storm drains. The porch lights would have brightened at her approach, beckoning her up their steps, hoping that she would ring their bell, entering their residences for some kind of nightcap; rather they remained motion detecting burglar repellents. The parked cars would have looked like silent print ads in a magazine as she walked by, beckoning the would-be consumers to a new magical life. Perhaps the world on the other side would be like one found in the magazines: The streets reflective with wet footsteps like happy memories; everyone gainfully employed in those cool creatively hip, yet lucrative jobs where they wear suits jackets, retro spectacles and sneakers.

    In this world she continued walking towards her destination. The bus had delivered her. She preferred the latter half of the bus, and those who rode with her behind the reticulation would have been indulged by her a scent of water and French soap cutting through their menial filth and normalcy. She would have opened her current composition book and read over what she had written — composed — the night before.

    Earbuds keeping unworthy clamor, conversations and suitors at bay. For the last few weeks the comp books had the Red Versioned Rorschach covers. She kept no pattern to which of these she used, and apparently no preference. Other poets and writers will extoll the virtues of certain pens or qualities of heavy bound paper. Not her. She could write anywhere.

    No special pens required.

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    No 40 pound paper. No walls covered in cork. Just a comp book delicately on her knee, and whichever pen she was able to coax out of the bottom of her shoulder slung bag. The pen would linger between her fingers as she tucked the one mischievous strand of hair behind her ear.

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    Once coiffed she would begin writing as though no one were watching. She was not self-conscious. She was not insecure. She probably understood pain, but she had never experienced it. Why does Luke get all the love? What did he really do other than react to a certain situation?

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