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At first, this was so bad that it was sort of entertaining. We have a Cinderella-meets-the-Beauty-and the-Beast-with-a-hint-of-the-Phantom-of-the-Opera-like story that reads like terrible BDSM, just without sex which actually makes it worse , but with a generous dash of brainwashing. The cold king is a typical abuser, targeting the weak and isolated and tearing them down before building them back up to his own desires by making them completely dependent on him, all of which he justifies as improving their lives and showering them in luxury they could never experience otherwise.

Even Calia recognises that as shitty but falls for it hook, line, and sinker, as does everyone else — who, by the way, does nothing to help her at least with good advice. He also has a giant ego, and naturally, as people of his kind do, knows better what is best for Calia and others then they do themselves. Her poor fortune and suffering in comparison to everything else, all her crying was the least of a bother is exaggerated to the maximum in order to garner sympathy.

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She is also quite a bit of a Mary Sue, suddenly becoming pretty no, hair growth does not work like that! Once she crossed over, she became a bullied trash. Watch her now as she concoct pills, refine artifacts, govern treasures, crush white lotuses, and tame beasts. She exits the cave and meets a mysterious man, who I assume to be the male lead, ends up kissing her.

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He finds her interesting and helps her overcome some issue with her body translation wasn't clear. She ends up going back home only to be met with the classic back-stabbing family. She takes action against them because they deserve it for being so two-faced and scheming. That's where the translation is currently at. Novel Updates. Theme Default Dark Dark Crisp. Series Group.

Chapter 3 - The Cold King's Court

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She points her sword to the heavens with pride. Yet unexpectedly she falls into the hands of a certain two-faced cold prince. You should give them a visit if you're looking for similar novels to read.

Cold king crab catch | Barentsobserver

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Write a Review Likes Date. Other reviews by this user. Story seems interesting so far, give it a read and use your own discretion to determine if it's your cup of tea. Here's a brief summary if you're curious about the story: About a girl who has transmigrated from a modern world to ancient China. She was a genius doctor who also knows about poisons but now belongs to the body of a girl.

The previous girl was expected to be a prodigy due to some supernatural events occurring at her birth but when her aptitude was tested, it turns out she was trash!

Honestly I'm a bit confused with the plot. This might be due to the translations being a bit The translator didn't even bother differentiating between the genders of some of the characters, often mixing up 'he' and 'she', or 'him' or 'her'.