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Garrett continues the spice and herb deliveries for the Henu colony, but is in need of a co-pilot. The two are thrust into a situation where they must depend on each other to survive. Arr and Jake still work the spice route to Gamma Meanwhile, Targus has lost Damion Mitchell to retirement. Terrell has an unexpected connection to the Henu.

The Helavite War

We are introduced to Dlf, the writer of these volumes. He will be our narrator for all subsequent volumes, bringing us up to speed, sparking our imagination, and answering our questions in the introduction of each volume. This volume reflects on a story set in the year A. Garrett and Pon are distraught to find that they cannot have children.

Subsequently, a child is rescued from certain death at the hands of the local Guardians only to find that they cannot possibly keep him — or can they? Meanwhile we are led to the rainy, dank planet of Walh. In order for Terrell to save his captain he must resurrect and conquer many of his own childhood fears.

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They have just moved in on the Henu planet bringing with them destruction and disease — a disease that threatens the survival of the Henu colony. In an effort to save the children of the Henu, who are all in imminent peril of losing their lives, several discoveries are made. You will become more involved with the planet and its colony members. And, you will learn how Arr and Taylor are faring as partners now that Jake is gone. His footloose days as the bachelor of the community are over the minute that he sets eyes on this beauty.

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But, can Taylor and Arr save her from her fate? Taylor now has twins of his own, Dillion and Colin. There is a madman, Braden, on the loose who has a vendetta against him — a vendetta that has its roots in a mercenary mission long ago with Jake. So I wrote a dragon book specifically for them.

A six year old will be able to read them on their own. The book is filled with delightful illustrations and coloring pages. I know it is going to be a hit. It certainly sounds like it! Thanks Fros. I noticed while doing book signings and table-top appearances this past summer that some year old men were reluctant to buy the chronicles because they are trade formatted and larger print for middle-schoolers.

So now I am compiling two collections, Collection No. They are getting a really spiffy new cover and will sell for about a third less than the three trade paperbacks combined.

Stars of Fortune: Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts (Full Audiobook) - Series Book 1 of 3

I have been beta reading, proofing and editing for other authors for years. There are some really great authors out there who just need another set of eyes on their work before they publish it.

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I checked into costs for that service and was astonished at how expensive it was. I wanted to help my fellow authors, so I am doing it at a discount for now. I would really like to retire in a couple of years, so if I get this service off the ground, perhaps I can do just that and help others along the way. Do you have any advice for other indie authors? I will put in a pitch for my proofreading and editing service here.

Get enough bad, or even slightly testy, reviews and it will sink you as an author.

Let someone else take a look at your work. Sound advice, Theresa — and good luck with this new endeavor. What will readers find there? My blog is a continuously running selection of short stories. Some verge on novellas. I switch scifi, fantasy and recently even a paranormal. My blog is where my readers will find out whether they like my writing, and if so in what genre.

I started writing my blog in the early 80s and it is a reflection of my growth as an author. Often I will try out something on the blog and it will develop into an idea for a book which I flesh-out later and publish. I have over 82, views and many, many of them are return readers who get hooked on a story. I post every Saturday to the basic story and do additional posts to the sub-blogs when the muse moves me.

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  6. Describe your workstation. Are there any favorite objects you have there for inspiration? Oh, I love to answer this question. I have a Moroccan Room where I write.

    The Star Traveler Series | Welcome to Effrosyni Writes

    There is a video of it on my YouTube channel. It is my place to escape. I originally built it because after my mom passed on, my dad took to watching a lot of TV, very loudly. I could not concentrate, because I like instrumental music playing when I am reading and writing. I go out to my Moroccan Room with my cup of tea, turn on the classical or light jazz, and go to work. Our cat, Jewel, often joins me in the chair opposite mine. We both like to listen to the rain on the roof in the spring and fall.

    LOL — thank you, Fros. Characters are the soul of any story. They need to be vivid, relatable. They experience his loneliness as each successive person he learns to care about is ripped from his life.

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    The reader wants him to succeed. The reader longs for him to be redeemed. Han Solo in the Star Wars saga stands out as a well developed motion picture character. Pick a novel, any novel, or a movie. Vivid characters are the soul of a great story. What makes a character come alive? What gets an audience involved and compels them to keep reading or watch yet another sequel? If you search the internet you will find lists of rules for character development. These are the ones that keep me reading or shelling out the big bucks for the blockbusters.

    As a writer these are the ones I try to make sure my characters abide by:.