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This process, however, was relatively slow and numerous Venetic or Latino-Venetic inscriptions may have been still produced in the mid- 1 st century BC and during the Augustan Age Similar considerations apply to ritual and material culture: both similarities and differences are attested in the region, sometimes with notable variations across different phases of the Iron Age and different Venetian sub-regions Therefore, it is possible that material culture was intentionally manipulated to express statements of independence vs.

The meaning of the inscription remains partially obscure, although it has been suggested that venetkens may have referred to the Venetic ethnos If this interpretation is correct, this inscription would constitute a powerful statement of ethnic self-definition by the people who produced it.

It would remain unclear, however, to whom, for how long and in which specific areas of north-east Italy this potential ethnic name was meaningful. Furthermore, the precise chronology of the inscription remains dubious. When discussing the sub-region corresponding to present-day eastern Veneto and western Friuli, L. This scholarly approach has persisted even in more recent years.

Viaggio nella Terra dei Veneti Antichi emphasis added.

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The validity of some long-held assumptions about ethnogenesis i. This consideration draws our attention to a the fluid, blurred and mutable nature of ethnicity 30 ; b the significant problems that arise when researchers try to encapsulate human realities, which must have been more complex and nuanced than previously acknowledged, under general labels or macro-categories e.

Hence, the issue of the scale of analysis must be considered. The construction of ethnic identities often overlaps and is elaborated in relation to other forms of identity, such as gender, age, family, kinship and class identities This issue is particularly relevant to the Italian late prehistoric context, where the possible fragmentation of human groups in smaller units e. Another issue to consider is the uncritical use of some of the criteria e.

One issue at stake would be to recognize the extraordinary diversity of the socio-political practices characterizing phenomena of state formation and increased social complexity in ancient Italy; this should be done in order to a engage more closely with inter- and intra-site variability, and social milieus more complex and fluid than usually recognized, and b address how the diversity of human experience and political practice influenced ethnic formation in this context.

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Another aspect deserving further attention is the status and role of the social actors involved in processes of identity and ethnic construction. Research methods based on the integration of science-based and theory-laden approaches to the archaeological evidence should be paid particular importance when investigating ethnicity As the construction of ethnic identities is manifested in the full range of human activities e.

In particular, science-based methods such DNA and isotope analysis represent cutting-edge approaches to ethnic-related issues such as provenance, migration and intermarriage While I am fully aware that this analysis is far from offering an overarching interpretation of social change and ethnicity in the context examined, both themes of research are useful to address some of the issues put forward in the methodological section.

The manipulation and ritual management of the funerary space as well as the choice of specific burial rituals were crucial features of these processes of power and identity negotiation. Of particular interest for the issues tackled in this article are the following instances:.

IL MIO VIAGGIO DA MILANO A CAPO NORD, in moto, in solitaria.

Modified by author after Perego a and Lomas After Bianchin Citton et al. Fondo Zanotto. Este Ricovero were organized around a series of low mounds and low earth platforms the so-called tumuli 47 or accumuli stratificati 48 : fig. Outside edge of burial mound or burial cluster but in relation to it. Occurrences of extremely rich burial assemblages.

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Cremated bones usually placed in cinerary urn. Deposition of isolated body parts or single bones.

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Urns placed in pits, stone or wooden rectangular containers, ceramic vases or other perishable containers. Pit too small or too large for complete human body. Rare occurrences of metabolic disease and musculoskeletal stress. C ribra orbitalia , cribra cranii , carious lesions, rickets, evidence of musculoskeletal stress, enamel hypoplasia. Cribra orbitalia , enamel hypoplasia, Harris lines, dental lesions, evidence of musculoskeletal stress; occurrences of handicap and physical deformities.

This evidence finds a comparison in Iron Age inhumation burials characterized by other deviant attributes such as the exclusion from the formal burial ground, evidence of mistreatment of the corpse or the prone position Many of these abnormal burial features tended to recur together, further underlining the anomalous character of these graves, which might have belonged to individuals marginalized to different degrees by their burying group fig.

The placing of the graves in the funerary landscape, therefore, became a means to underline the social standing of the dead and their burying group — and was tied up to dynamics of power negotiation that took place in the wider society. Within this ideological framework, the exclusion or the inclusion of the deceased in formally delimited funerary spaces as well the adoption of specific burial rites e. The persistence of these ritual practices emphasizing diversity discloses the existence, in ancient Veneto, of general understandings of humanity and social affiliation which entailed the creation of a gap between those given full integration in society and those denied it.

From there, a fil rouge in ritual practice and funerary ideology is also evident with the Final Bronze Age, while a more evident gap seems attested in relation to previous phases of the Bronze Age.

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Notably, violence and marginalization seem to have played an important role in these dynamics of identity construction. We may wonder to what extent antagonism, rejection and exclusion were relevant to the creation of ethnicity in Veneto, too. Balista et al. Balista, A. Ruta Serafini, L. De Vanna and G. Gambacurta, La scavo della necropoli romana e preromana tra via Tiepolo e via S.

Tosi ed. Bianchin Citton, G. Gambacurta, A. Ruta Serafini eds.