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How is that time being spent: What does an ‘average’ day look like?
  1. Work-Life Balance Defined
  2. The Evolving Definition Of Work-Life Balance
  3. What Are the Top Drivers of Job Satisfaction for Hourly Workers?
  4. Life Skills List and Examples
  5. The high-level of work life balance: How much are people working each week?

And what about end time? Looking at the average time people stop using their digital devices painted a picture of our inability to disconnect. Not smartphones. In our analysis , we found that knowledge workers, on average, check email and Slack every 6 minutes with Most of us spend our days bouncing from task to task or trying to make up for lost time by multitasking.

On average, we use 56 different apps and websites a day and switch between them nearly times. Looking at multitasking with communication tools alone, most people on average spend The workplace is filled with distractions. But our own pull to distracting and unproductive activities.

With the most time spent on distracting activities taking place on November 26th and July 7th the Mondays after Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. Some distractions are more irresistible than others. What is work life balance means something different to everyone. We have less time than we think each day and as a result end up working later, in the evenings, and on weekends just to keep up. Want to learn more about spending your time well and doing more meaningful work?

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Work-Life Balance Defined

I would love to see what the average productivity pulse is. We actually looked into this during our analysis the average productivity pulse for was Hope that helps!

It would be nice to have this kind of information for smaller groups of users. Thank you for this great article! Multi-tasking still reigns supreme, and distractions constantly sabotage their daily life personally and professionally. As you mentioned, awareness and the ability to set boundaries are very important. Realizing that we need a time and space for ourselves can give us more time to rest, regenerate, and improve our productivity. Less distractions, more clarity, better results.

Awesome Study. These bad habits are like leeches, draining our time like blood and giving nothing back. So recoup your time by re-evaluate, re-prioritize and re-cutting…wait no, just, cut the crap! It would be nice to have a moment to relax with my wife. Problem solved! Now theirs seven me, who are all doing their thing individually to keep my life in check.

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The minute we split and label ourselves, or indeed anything, we assign a value. This may be a value of good or bad, fun or boring, cool or uncool. When we do this to aspects of our life we create positive or negative connotations with that aspect. For example, everyone loves spending time with their friends, but rarely do people like working. This is because many of us associate work with something hard and boring.

The Evolving Definition Of Work-Life Balance

Instead, try and take a holistic view towards life. Think of everything as low level cogs, which make up life. What I am proposing is to have one block, consisting of all your daily activities, simply labeled as LIFE. I agree, lines need to be drawn. So just to clarify, you can still plan and build routines.

But how you frame things makes a difference.

What Are the Top Drivers of Job Satisfaction for Hourly Workers?

Where ever possible you should use positive language to avoid those negative associations. Ow, and for God sake, never say work! Instead be explicit in what you are doing. Time is the real issue here, right? If only we had more time all our problems would be solved. Even better, if we could control time, that would be perfect! Sadly this is not an option. However, there is something we can do. We can make the most of the time we have. I already mentioned cutting out the crap habits, so I will skip over that and onto the routines.

Something to follow to ensure we are spending our time in the right way, and ultimately, getting stuff done. Apologies for that garbage joke. You only have to look at some of the world most successful people to be convinced.

Life Skills List and Examples

You know, the Tim Cooks and Mark Zuckerburgs of the world. No, instead, let just jump straight to the practical, and discover how to build a good routine. Rules, why do we need rules when we have a routine? Arent they the same thing? Whereas a routine is there to manage your time and make you as efficient as possible.

Indeed, life, in general, can be chaotic.

The high-level of work life balance: How much are people working each week?

Sure, a good routine can help tame some of this chaos, but often, life will throw a spanner in your routine? I am sure any parent will tell you that kids are very good at that. At which point my rules are there for me to fall back on, especially my main rule:. Rule no. So guess what? I have another rule! Of course, no one is perfect and rules get broken.

Maybe your workflow has suddenly exploded and you have to pull some late nights.

Isms to Avoid

In my opinion, a period of intense overwork should be counterbalanced with some rest and recovery time. That way you recenter yourself for the next leg. Unfortunately, we are always in a state of balance. Think of the man on the high wire again. With time and practice, he seems to have mastered it.

Essentially, It just means to always remain aware of your actions and how you feel about your current situation.